The Title Nai Yang

Concept & Design

After the company’s remarkable success in creation and development of the condominium brand “The Title”, with The Title (Rawai) Phase 1, 2 and 3, Rhom Bho Property PLC is looking for new high potential locations for the future projects. The design team has chosen a location in the Northwest coast of Phuket for the new project, The Title Residencies (Naiyang – Phuket).

The Title Residencies (Naiyang – Phuket) is being built along the tranquil shores of Naiyang Beach, about 250 meters away from the beach, with Sirinat National Park as a background offering its stunning scenery and richness. Wrapped around by the beautiful nature and natural pine trees endlessly lining the white sand beach and just 5 minutes’ drive from Phuket International Airport, the location is believed to be perfect to live, and/or for investment in the form of ‘Condominium For Tourism’. The outstanding response and huge success from the previous projects of Rhomb Bho Property, was reflected in the quality and the timeliness, gaining trust and reliability to the project management team.

The concept of the project creativity is to fulfill the needs to live a simple daily lifestyle. The residence location ensures complete peace and happiness at all times offering over 70% of common area; there are fitness, sauna, 5 round swimming pools, 1 sky pool, walkways connecting all over the project for your daily walk, run or cycling, as well as the many leisure spots positioned under the shades of various big trees throughout the project. Aside from the huge green area and swimming pools, we specially offer contemporary style buildings, giving you the vibes of your own resort home. Complimenting the vintage style of room decoration is warm tones of the buildings’ exterior with decoration of bricks and natural stones, carefully matched with elaborately selected greenery in order to emphasize comfort, simplicity, elegance and sustainability, the unique identity of a new style condominium on the island of Phuket.

Design & Concept

With the concept and inspiration of house in the forest, we create a place to rest and fulfill life in the midst of nature, soak up the tranquil atmosphere of pine tree and surrounded greenery.


We take the importance of quality and punctuality in all our projects construction with absolute care and attention in every single step of the materials selection and construction process.


Over 70% of the project is being transformed into a common area where you can enjoy your time. Facilities include sunbath deck, fitness, sauna, 5 swimming pools, 1 sky pool and more.


The price is considered to be the most reasonable and affordable for its location and design in the middle of beautiful nature.


The project contains 6 of 7-storey buildings and 1 of 5-storey building with 2 room types; 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom, starting with 34 Sq.m.


The impressive response from the previous projects guarantee that we are a trustworthy and reliable developer.


This project is on the prime location, situated just minutes away from Phuket International Airport and only 250 meters from the beautiful Naiyang Beach.


With the perfect location, comfortable living lifestyle , close to nature and easy to travel to the top-rated tourist attraction. The project is an amazing choice for investment and living.

After Sales

With the concept of creativity for living to grow alongside tourism and focus fully on fulfilling daily needs, we pay attention to after sales service to ensure the warmth and comfort of the residents.

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