Aug 20 2021

Invest in Phuket

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While the current global COVID-19 situation has brought a lot of anxiety to many property investors know that now is perhaps one of the best times to invest and buy properties in Phuket Thailand and here are some reasons why.

Property is often seen as one of the stronger and safer long term places to make an investment particularly for international investors when exchange rates are favourable and interest rates are low. At the moment is the Thai Baht exchange rate is very attractive to a number of potential investors particularly those who are overseas in countries such as Australia, China, Europe and the US.

As a general principle the smart investor tends to buy, build and develop during the tougher times and then benefit from the gains when conditions improve. Many investors do not see the current situation as a long term negative for growth but rather as an opportunity for a post-pandemic future.It is for this reason that we believe those investing in Phuket now will see a strong return on their investment over time into the future.

Phuket is one of the best known tropical destinations in the world and has something to offer for everyone. Investments in Phuket traditional rentals and holiday rentals provide an opportunity to make a long-term profit so the sooner you buy an investment property and start a rental business, the sooner you can collect rental income.

To help you find your ideal investment property it is important to build a relationship with a trusted and professional  local real estate agent and do your homework on the property before jumping in whilst also  remembering that good properties always have more than one interested buyer.

With borders around the world starting to open up slowly the future for Phuket property would seem to be ripe for  those seeking an investment opportunity.

If you would like more information please contact the team at Fabulous Real Estate Phuket Thailand directly and Asami or Lauren will be happy to assist.

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