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We have been specialising in Phuket Real Estate since 2011, with an emphasis on investment properties of all price ranges for foreign nationals to Thailand.

We work exclusively with our private client base to provide the best individual service, opportunity, and personal satisfaction to meet their goals. Whether a client wants to invest, re-sell, rent, renovate or flip a property, We have the tools and resources available to assist and provide inside knowledge to some of the best and most lucrative property deals inside the Kingdom of Thailand.


Phuket is a growing international destination with lots of opportunity and growth potential, which I am happy to share with my clients.
We sincerely look forward to making your dreams of owning an exotic property in tropical Phuket a reality.


自2011年以来,我们一直专注于普吉岛的房地产,重点关注于外地人所要投资的价格范围内的投资物业。 我们专业与我们的客户群密切合作,提供最好的个性化服务与机会和满足他们的个人投资需求。无论客户是想投资、转售、出租、翻新还是翻转房产,我们都有可靠的资源来协助,并能提供一些最好的内部知识和最有利可图的房产交易。 普吉岛是一个不断发展进步的国际投资目的地,拥有很多机会和增长潜力。我们真诚地期待能协助您在普吉岛拥有属于自己梦想的房子成为现实。 如果您想了解更多关于我们如何为您提供协助的信息,请务必与我们联系。 保持联络

You can contact directly our:
• Chinese speaking team member by emailing ben@fabulousrealestatephuket.com
• Hungarian and Romanian speaking team member by emailing otilia@fabulousrealestatephuket.com
• Japanese speaking team member by emailing asami@fabulousrealestatephuket.com
• English speaking team member by emailing sales@fabulousrealestatephuket.com or lauren@fabulousrealestatephuket.com
• English speaking team member based in the UK by emailing guy@fabulousrealestatephuket.com or WhatsApp : +44 759 868 3984


If you would like to learn a bit more about how I can assist you, then please be sure to get in contact.


Lauren Frances Perkins

I am originally from Bedford which is a town close to London, in the UK. My life ambition since being a child and passion was to travel and experience different cultures, languages and countries and I have spent significant time in 4 continents and no less than 12 years in Thailand.

I have been working in real estate most of my adult life and have eleven years experience working in Real Estate in Phuket which has always been concentrated in sales. Over this time, I have been fortunate through my own integrity to have developed deep and meaningful business and friendships with fellow agents’ vendors and my buyers also alike.

I met my husband 7 years ago when he was visiting Phuket for work; he is a Thai national and a diving instructor and we have 1 son.

Phuket is the jewel of SouthEast Asia and continues to appeal to more people than ever before because of its natural beauty, safe environment, quality lifestyle and of course the wonderful people who call Phuket home.

Phuket also has a number of internationally renowned facilities such as:

  • The UWC College of Thailand, BIS, Headstart to name a few of the international schools serving our global community here on the island.
  • 3 international hospital offering world class procedures
  • world class shopping malls, 6 golf courses and restaurants; and
  • an international airport connecting Phuket directly to countless destinations around the world in normal times and will again!

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise and helping you with your current and future Phuket real estate needs be that be to buy, sell or rent a property.

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Asami Inkapho

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. I studied Marine biology at the University until my studies were interrupted by the Tsunami in 2011 and I decided to go to Australia to study English where I lived in Melbourne for 4 years.

In Melbourne, Australia I met my husband, a Thai citizen and a short while later we both moved back to Phuket, Thailand to start our new lives together.

My husband’s family have actively invested in the Phuket real estate market for many years which motivated me to also get involved. During my time in Phuket, I have met people from all over the world and so understand some of the key things that draws them to Phuket including its:

  • natural beauty
  • safe environment and quality lifestyle
  • international airport, education and health care; and
  • wonderful local people who call Phuket home

Many of my real estate contacts come through my business, friendship and Japanese community network groups in Phuket and Japan.

Together with my business partner Lauren Francis Perkins we hope to be able to help many more families from all over the world to find their ideal Phuket real estate property be that a place to live or an investment.


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Guy Winter
Property Specialist

Originating from the UK, from 2012 I spent the first three years of my working offshore in the Oil and Gas sector, this allowed me to travel all over the world from a young age.

Moving to Phuket permanently in 2015 at the age of 22, I joined one of the leading real estate companies on the Island. It was while working with this company I met Lauren Perkins as a colleague.

In early 2021 was invited by Lauren and Asami to work together on launching their new property company Fabulous Real Estate Phuket, a new venture which I am excited to be involved with.

I  am now splitting my time between Phuket, Thailand and London UK as we continue to explore different avenues we can achieve with Fabulous Real Estate Phuket domestically and internationally.

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  • +66878891486(英) +66923726868 (中) +66635945905 (日)

  • sales@fabulousrealestatephuket.com

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